Aluminum Coil

Aluminum is one of the most used metal types in the world. It is used in many industries thanks to its durable, light and rustproof feature. Aluminum coil is also one of these industries. In this article, you can have information about what aluminum coil is and in which sectors it is used.

What is Aluminum Coil?

Aluminum coil is obtained by winding aluminum sheets in a certain thickness and width in the form of coils. Coil-shaped aluminum coils are then cut for use in various industries. The thickness, width and length of aluminum coils can vary and can be customized according to customers' needs.

How is Aluminum Coil Production?

The production of the aluminum coil begins with the first cutting and rolling of the aluminum sheets. The cutting process enables the sheets to be cut according to the desired widths. Then the rounding process is performed. In this process, the plates are first cut to the desired diameter and then rounded. Rounding can be performed in different ways, depending on the thickness and width of the boards. After cutting, the rounded sheets are welded together to form a roll. Welding is done to increase the durability of the rolls. After the welding process is completed, the aluminum coils are flattened and cut to the desired dimensions. Finally, the obtained aluminum roll is packaged and made ready for shipment.

What are the Usage Areas of Aluminum Coil?

  • Aluminum coil is used in many industries such as food and pharmaceutical packaging. Because it is light and durable, it plays a major role in protecting and transporting products.
  • Aluminum coils are also widely used in the construction industry. In particular, it is used in many areas such as roofing, cladding, insulation and structural frameworks.
  • The automotive industry also uses aluminum coils frequently. It is used for the body of vehicles and is seen as a way to produce lighter, more durable and more fuel efficient vehicles.
  • They are also used for decorative purposes. Furniture, automotive and electronics industries are also areas where aluminum coils are used extensively.