Aluminum Sheet Weight Calculation

You can apply the following items to calculate aluminum sheet weight;

  • The Dimensions of the Plate are Measured

Measure the length, width and thickness of the sheet in mm. For example, for a board 1000mm long, 500mm wide and 5mm thick, your measurements might be: L=1000mm, W=500mm, T=5mm.

  • Find the Density of the Plate

The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm³. Using this information, you can calculate the density of the plate. It is calculated by the formula Density = (Weight / Volume). Since the density of the aluminum sheet is (2.7 g/cm³), the density of this sheet is 0.0027 g/mm³.

  • Calculate the Volume of the Plate

To calculate the volume of the slab, use the formula length x width x thickness. For example, the volume of a 1000 mm long, 500 mm wide and 5 mm thick plate can be calculated as: V= 1000 mm x 500 mm x 5 mm = 2,500,000 mm³

  • Calculate the Weight of the Plate

To calculate the weight of the sheet, use the following formula using density and volume: Weight = Density x Volume. For example, the weight of an aluminum plate 1000 mm long, 500 mm wide and 5 mm thick can be calculated as: Weight = 0.0027 g/mm³ x 2,500,000 mm³ = 6750 g or 6.75 kg.