Selcuklu Konalsan, whose foundations were laid in 1988, and which carries out all kinds of Aluminum plate and Aluminum disc production and marketing activities as of today, continues its activities in a very rooted and institutional development process in its sector with a rapid development trend.

Selcuklu Konalsan, who sees its production adventure of more than 30 years as a whole, from material quality to shipment, from technological standards to employee quality within the framework of Total Quality Understanding with its professional staff, successfully implements a highly developed and internationally accredited process in all production processes.

Our company, which puts human and the responsibility towards it as the main element in all its works, is also proud of carrying the Konalsan quality beyond the borders of the country, with its exports to the Middle East and European countries, and thus its contribution to our country's economy.

Our company will continue to work with an increasing momentum with the difference in product and approach it has revealed and the sense of responsibility it brings.

We wish you to choose us on this path we set out to be worthy of you.